Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Finding Center

As a predominately wheel throwing functional potter, I have a lot of experience with the concept of finding center!

The pieces I have made for this show, though, are all hand built from slabs of clay.

With the platters, embellishments include the use of stamps, roulettes (rolling stamps), and sprigs (outies). I really enjoy pattern and symmetry, simple variations on a theme, growth and expansion through concentric circles of color and brushwork, trying to allow the different elements to get a lively dialogue going!

For the raku vessels, I have started with a slab built cylinder, and then darted/reshaped the round toward geometric, multi-sided forms, corners pushing out, giving evidence of the volume within. I’m also interested in the play between the organization of the various elements (loops, rays, wax resist patterns, appliqué) and the spontaneity of the raku process.

Creating this show with Brian and Penny has been a similar interplay of common themes and contrasts. A great conversation!


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