Friday, April 30, 2010

2010 Summer Clay Camps

2010 Summer Clay Camps for kids and teens at Liz Lewis Pottery!!
Register for these camps at

Clay camps are way cool!

It's fun to come together as a group, share our knowledge, get our hands in the clay, use the tools, express our unique interests and observations through the clay.

This summer's themes:
Hands on Clay! for ages 4-5
Large Animals of Africa! for ages 6-10
By the Seaside! for ages 6-10
Sunflower! for ages 6-10
The Wabi Sirit: Teen Clay Intensive for ages 11-15

Older teens will be on board as teaching interns for the camps.

Adults interested in pottery classes, watch for offerings in the fall and winter/spring.

For dates, prices and to enroll go to